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 I look forward to meeting you and working     
  with you to obtain the best possible     
 outcome to your unique circumstances.


     Jonathan Che Gettleman

The Practice

I practice various different areas of law, among these
areas are:

I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a family of
lawyers. Both of my parents were criminal defense attorneys:  
My father with a focus on capital and drug cases and my
mother with a focus on juvenile justice.  I spent the better part
of my childhood in the courtroom studying the various
participants in their unique social roles.  

I have been professionally engaged in the practice of law since
2002 when I was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar.  I started my
practice of law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I hung my own
shingle and ventured out looking for justice for my clients.  My
wife Elizabeth and I had a thriving law practice.  In Pittsburgh, I
successfully tried a variety of criminal misdemeanor and felony
cases with a specialty in drug cases and suppression hearings.  

Upon moving to Santa Cruz and being admitted to the California
bar, I began working at the California Rural Legal Assistance
(CRLA) in Salinas, CA.  My focus at the CRLA was primarily
litigation related to recovering unpaid wages and benefits for
migrant field workers and various other low
income individuals.  After being in a large urban environment
for so long it was nice to help rural clients.  During this time, I
also independently maintained a criminal case load.  

After leaving CRLA, I opened my own law firm in Santa Cruz,
California.  My mission is through tireless effort, to bring all
facts, witness biases, science and truth to light to facilitate the
most favorable outcome for your case.  If your case is triable, I
want to try it.  However, not every case results in an
acquittal or dismissal.  Sometimes a negotiator is more
advantageous than a gladiator.  I have studied the art of
negotiation including the various steps required to create the
best environment for favorable negotiation to thrive.   

In my practice, I try various types of criminal and civil cases.  I
especially value cases with challenging facts.  I contract with
excellent investigators and experts to present your facts in the
most favorable and compelling light.  I have practiced in front of
every judge in Santa Cruz County.     

I believe everyone has a right to excellent representation at a
reasonable cost.  I offer my services to Santa Cruz, Monterey
and San Benito County communities for a reasonable fee to
assure those in need are able to afford excellent
representation.  I also believe  everyone deserves an
advocate that will fight hard for them in difficult times.  

I practice fighting hard for your benefit.  I also enjoy going to
trial when appropriate and having your case resolved by a
cross section of our community.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your unique case.  
Please feel free to
call or email my office for a free confidential

I have been admitted to practice in the             
following courts:

1) All California State Courts

2) United States District Court for                          
the Northern District of California

3) United States Court of Appeals                          
for the Ninth Circuit

4) All Pennsylvania State Courts

5) United States District Court for                          
the Western District of PA

6) United States District Court for                          
the Eastern District of PA
(Pro Hac Vice)

7) United States Court of Appeals                          
for the Third Circuit
(Pro Hac Vice)

Several of my cases have been                        
nationally published setting legal                           

1) State v. Crowley, 41 P.3d 618                           
(AZ.App.2002), Brammer, P.J. (briefing)

2) Com v. Burton, 2007 PA Super 319                   
(P.A. Super. 2007), Pannella, J
(lead counsel on habeas petition)         

3) Fernandez v. Cal. Dept. of Pesticide                 
Reg, (2008) 164 Cal.App.4th 1214,                       
Stein, P.J. (lead counsel on appeal)                      


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