- All California codes including but not limited to the vehicle code, the health and safety     
code, the business and professions code, etc.
- All of the rule making made by government agencies can be found here.
- Each element of almost all crimes that must be proved for a person to
be found guilty of a crime.  General instructions to criminal juries are
also included.  This is an essential source to understanding the
different parts of each crime.
- DMV's official web sites with law, links to forms, general information and everything   
  DMV related
-Access to all the free California legal forms, including forms that are fillable
with the computer.  Mostly used in civil law but also use in criminal law to a
limited degree.
- All of the published court rules.
- Each different employment classification (restaurant, hotel, agriculture,
transportation, etc has its own IWC Wage Order defining the rules for    
that profession.  You can find the rules governing your employment   
including overtime, minimum wage, hours, lodging, safety, etc.
- All of the forms and information you will need to file a wage or retaliation      
claim.  The site also provides helpful information in terms of your rights as a   
- Each element of each civil action and all the form instructions of law
available for civil juries.
- The DFEH is the state government agency that addresses claims of       
discrimination and harassment. All the relevant forms and information are    
available at the website.  If you want to sue someone for discrimination or
harassment you must first file a claim with the DFEH or the Equal Employment     
Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  There are very strict time limits that apply to
filing with these agencies and then in court.  If you intend to pursue a           
discrimination or harassment claim you should learn the relevant dates and file
a claim asap and/ or consult a lawyer immediately.
- If you are a prisoner or a family member of a prisoner who is having problems with the
prison administration the prison law office may be able to help you.
- All local laws passed by the Santa Cruz City Counsel.
-Think someone may be in custody in Santa Cruz County?
- Concerned about the possibility of a warrant for the arrest of you or someone you care    
- This is a general legal information site.  This particular page is concerned with
how to do legal research.  The cite has other answers to various common legal
questions.  While I am unable to endorse every response, in general, the site   
gives a generally helpful basic overview of many different areas of law including      
criminal, traffic and a variety of civil law issues.
- If you are a state prisoner who wishes to appeal a felony conviction in federal court  
  you must file a petition for habeas corpus pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 2254.
- If you were convicted of a FELONY in Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey or
San Benito Counties and wish appeal your conviction, you must file an     
appeal with the Sixth District.  SDAP is basically the public defender on
appeal.  Important information you need to understand the process can be
found here.
- Straight forward grid of California marijuana laws including helpful links to
understanding the rules for the use of marijuana for medicinal purpose.  
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United States Constitution

California Constitution- See Article I for Declaration of Rights

Pennsylvania Constitution